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Helping prospective buyers of New York luxury real estate navigate the complexities of evaluating, negotiating, and procuring a property


PHP Realty Services is a unique buyer's broker advisory firm exclusively representing buyers of New York City luxury residential real estate. We are not brokers in the traditional sense, as we only advise buyers, helping them find and close on a property that meets their unique needs while offering attractive long-term capital gain potential.

Real Estate is a very special type of equity: you live in it, work in it, raise your family in it. No wonder the choice is monumental and the decision-making so challenging, particularly in a dynamic metropolis like NYC. Large brokerage firms typically prioritize the seller, as closing a sale is a quicker and easier way to generate income for the firm. PHP has different priorities. We are advisors, not salesmen - and the lasting accomplishment of finding someone a new home is our pride and passion. Since we exclusively represent you, the buyer, our expertise, judgment, and advice are conspicuously neutral.

The seller pays all broker commissions, so our service to you, the buyer, is free.


Property photos of online listings can be deceptive. We try not to schedule a viewing for our clients without having previewed the property beforehand. Often, the preview turns out to be disappointing. Previewing results in efficient evaluation and economizes the time our clients spend in the field.

Unbiased evaluation

The most intriguing thing about evaluating real estate is that no two apartments are alike, even if they have the same layout.  Deciding factors can be highly personal, and often transcend the analytics and comparables we also run. We encourage our clients to search their feelings about an apartment or townhouse, how it might feel to live there. Maybe it's just "that special way the light comes through the kitchen window". Getting away from pure number crunching, and delving into the emotions and value of the aesthetics and what makes a property truly unique, brings a healthy balance to any quantitative analysis.


We urge our clients to be "prepared to pounce". Note that we are not saying "pounce" necessarily, only to be "prepared to pounce". If our extensive search results in finding that dream property, we make sure our clients are ready to move forward, expeditiously, with an offer that is fully documented at terms that leave no doubt in the seller's mind the deal will go through. This preparedness and terms of an offer are just as important as a specific dollar amount, especially in the highly competitive New York market.

Board preparation

Co-op buyers consistently bemoan the ordeal of preparing a Board Package and the Board interview, especially if it involves a "tough Co-op Board". The process puts even the most qualified buyers on the defensive, and these days, even Condo Boards and Management Companies are getting more stringent. We work with our customers every step of the way, from typing up the Board Package to advising on personal and business letters of recommendation.

Legal and financing

We have a roster of attorneys and mortgage brokers, lenders, engineers, and appraisers to recommend.  We value those professionals who not only get the job done effectively and efficiently, but also have a reassuring bedside manner.


When a seller's broker accepts an offer and prepares for a close, the terms, of course, are important, but so is the credibility of the buyer's broker. We have a reputation for 100% success in getting to the finish line when our client's offer is accepted.


We maintain close relationships with a selection of architects, contractors, and interior designers to support our clients in implementing the vision they have for their home - even after closing. In addition, our advisors all have creative backgrounds in the Arts and Architecture.

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