PHP Realty Services

Helping prospective buyers of New York luxury real estate navigate the complexities of evaluating, negotiating, and procuring a property


PHP Realty Services is a unique buyer's broker advisory firm exclusively representing buyers of New York City luxury residential real estate. We are not brokers in the traditional sense, as we only advise buyers, helping them find and close on a property that meets their unique needs while offering attractive long-term capital gain potential.

Real Estate is a very special type of equity: you live in it, work in it, raise your family in it. No wonder the choice is monumental and the decision-making so challenging, particularly in a dynamic metropolis like NYC. Large brokerage firms typically prioritize the seller, as closing a sale is a quicker and easier way to generate income for the firm. PHP has different priorities. We are advisors, not salesmen - and the lasting accomplishment of finding someone a new home is our pride and passion. Since we exclusively represent you, the buyer, our expertise, judgment, and advice are conspicuously neutral.

The seller pays all broker commissions, so our service to you, the buyer, is free.